The McTimoney-Corley treatment

McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapy is a method of restoring health by gentle, corrective manipulation of the bones of the head, spinal column, pelvis and limbs. This ensures the proper functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems which control the natural self-healing capability of the body. The aim is to work with the body, not against it and by treating the whole skeleton it means that any misaligned bones are gently coaxed into realignment through manipulative adjustments, therefore encouraging soft tissue release.

Please note that McTimoney-Corley Spinal Therapy is not an alternative to conventional veterinary care. Veterinary permission is needed before treatment takes place.

What to expect

HORSEA full case history of the animal will be taken on the first visit, which will include a number of questions regarding any concerns or problems that have arisen with the animal. Any other background history is also important in helping to identify the possible causes of the problem. Observation in hand will follow case history and if necessary further observation on the lunge and under saddle if the problem presents itself in this form. A thorough examination of the animal will include palpation of the whole body along with corrective manipulation techniques in areas such as the spinal column, neck and pelvis. These adjustments help to relieve pressure on the nerves, free up muscle tension/spasm and enable re-alignment of the spine thereby reducing pain. This allows the body to function normally, to it's optimum, so it is free to heal itself.

Once the treatment is complete Anne will outline her findings and recommend that your animal be rested for a specified number of days. Horse owners are also advised not to ride for a set time period, although alternative types of exercise may be optional. There is usually no restriction on turnout time.